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Erin spent hours growing up in an ice rink and can’t seem to out-skate the experience. Aside from a need for speed, skating taught her how to get up when she fell, learn from her mistakes, congratulate those who did a good job, and practice, practice, practice! Subconsciously, we think the name SpryFly might have come from her love of racing around the rink.

Erin launched her design career 15 years ago in Washington, D.C. She honed her craft at public relations and advertising firms (Ogilvy PR Worldwide and MHI Communications), and design studios (including Franek Design Associates). In 2004, Erin started her own design consultancy, quickly expanding her business and design capabilities to deliver strategic marketing, branding, and communications campaigns for regional and national clients. With SpryFly, Erin leverages those experiences and skills into digital applications. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Erin still operates best as the sun comes up, but now happily does without the frigid, cold temperatures.


Geoff has worn many hats — both in work and in life. He grew up loving being surrounded by computers, but would also channel Richard Dreyfuss (à la Close Encounters) at meal times. This startled his parents, but boded well for his future.

He began his career in the trenches of technology during the (first) bubble years. He then moved into product development, creating web applications for non-profits and foundations. Capitalizing on that experience, he thrived as a product strategist in the media industry; holding product management positions at AOL and Three Pillar Global consultants.

In between his work as a technologist and reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to his daughter Isabel at bedtime, he can whip up a pretty awesome meal. A mix of interests and family helps Geoff keep the creative juices flowing and allows him to deliver cutting-edge digital products in a practical, efficient manner.

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